Quiet and in between moments

have always felt the most real to me.


I remember traveling through small towns in México, my hand sticking out of the window playing with the wind going up and down as I kept moving my hands like waves, listening to The Beatles while my dad was driving and me being his “first assistant” holding his film stocks stacked on his worn out leather bag while he photographed scenes on his 35mm camera.

That moment feels so real and authentic to me and that is one of my main inspirations. Little did I know, I would find my calling later on in life doing that exact thing, telling stories through my film camera.

Maria is a free spirit. She was born and raised in beautiful Mexico. As the years passed, Maria studied numbers and human behavior aka Human Resources and Management. She became incredibly in loved with human interaction. That deep love gave her the dream to study and graduate with a Bachelor in Fine Art and Communications in Photography in The United States. She worked in New York at a premier photography retouching studio and at a fashion/advertising agency.

Maria loves to capture what feels natural. She is passionate about travel and brand identity photography. That passion of hers has translated into telling stories from big to small and working across with makers and entrepreneurs to tell stories. You can also find Maria photographing families who deeply cherishing the slow living. Maria approaches every session as a narrative of the essence of who you truly are, the core, the quirks and the in between.

Maria has worked in over 6 different counties and traveled all over documenting street photography and transforming strangers into best friends.

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