Erica & Nick | Destination Wedding in Costa Rica / by photos bycorona

Mr. & Mrs. Hoggan in stunning Costa Rica.

There are so many things I can say about Erica & Nick that will make you want to have them—or will make you feel even more grateful to have them—as part of your life.

Nick and Erica met years ago and later went their own ways, but destiny is a magical, beautiful thing. After crossing paths one more time, they dated for a couple of years and decided to be  with each other forever and join their hearts in gorgeous Costa Rica. From enjoying the beautiful ocean to embracing Costa Rican tropical weather, I was able to be part of their private beautiful sweet intimate reception. Nick and Erica promised love to each other and said their vows out loud on top of a mountain with the green tropical forest in the background.

Where I am from, we believe rain is good luck on your wedding day, and these two got lots of luck during their vows. Through pouring rain and tears rolling down their cheeks, they promised each other true love while beams of sunlight kept trying to filter through the big clouds above us.

Every day I get up to tell stories like theirs. Stories that don't look for perfection but that rejoice in the small things in life while embracing the unknown. I believe in love like theirs, a love that will marry you on top of tropical forest in the pouring rain next to your special people.

Pura Vida to Erica and Nick! I am honored, so honored, to tell your story.


Maria Corona Photography 2017