Welcome To The World Baby Mya | In-Home Session / by photos bycorona

.. there is truly nothing more magical than a new baby girl.

The more I photograph the more I love and the more I crave those moments in between that I like to call the gold transitions. I think about it like the road of life, there are great moments, moments when we laugh, when we cry, when we love; but the truth is, the moments we will cherish with all of our heart are the moments in between big successes and between heartaches.Those moments make us who we are. Those moments are gold.

I flew to Seattle to met and photographed sweet tiny Baby Mya at 3 weeks old. Mya is half Zambian and half Korean. Everything about her made me heart beat!, can we start talking about that beautiful hair? her chubby cheeks, and her sweet gaze. 

Welcome to this world Baby Mya Jae Linnell-Chileshe! Keep scrolling down to see more of a day with Baby Mya.

Little Mya, you are so loved.


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