A little about me.. Hola! / by photos bycorona

Hola amigos! It has been the funnest roller coaster the last couple of months, a roller coaster that keeps going up and up and keeps me feeling amazed of how wonderful and supportive are so many people around me. I wanted to introduce myself to all my new friends on Instagram. 

© Maria Corona Photography 2015

Hola! I am originally from México where I graduated from Management and Human Resources.  Unfortunately or fortunately after finishing I knew that following that path wasn't my true happiness, so I packed my bags and moved to Utah to study Art and thankfully received a full scholarship and graduated with a BFA in Photography after working in New York where I met my husband. 

The city of my dreams gave me the man I always dreamed of, so cheesy but so true! I moved back to Salt Lake and after facing my biggest fears and with the support of my husband, I decided to go full freelance, be brave and follow my passion.

 I love art,running, puppies, lipstick, coffee and Macarons. My family means the world to me and I think families and love are the most powerful thing in this world.

•Enough about me! I want to hear from you! Tell me something about yourself and let's be friends and work together!•

pc: my beautiful Christine Barlow