Photo credit: Heather Nan

Photo credit: Heather Nan


Since I can remember…

I have loved the idea of love, listening to family stories and admiring makers at their craft.  I approach every session, every wedding and every shoot as a narrative of the essence of who you truly are, the core and quirks. There is so much beauty on your story, I know it!  Because that is where the magic happens, telling the story of two people in love, a growing family, and a brand full of passion.

My name is Maria J. Corona. I was born and raised in the beautiful and colorful Querétaro, Mexico, where personal space doesn't exist, so expect a lot of hugs from me! I earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Photography after working in New York at a premier photography retouching studio and at a fashion/advertising agency. I am a full time freelance photographer based in the salty mountains of Utah where I live with my bearded husband and my hairy puppy. I love admiring art at The Met, running through Central Park, listening to live music while walking through the narrow streets of Mexico, trying the new local coffee spots while its snowing outside and photographing strangers that tell me all about their unique story. My camera and I have traveled to photographed weddings in: New York City, Moab, Utah, San Diego, San Jose,CA, Connecticut, México, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Where will we go to tell your story? count on me to be ready to travel for good stories and good people!

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